General Technology Tips


Security and Passwords Keep your stuff safe! Want to waste days of work, cost your parish a lot of extra money, and tick your pastor off? Just use a weak password and fail to update your anti-virus software weekly. What is a weak password? Is your password in the dictionary? Is it all letters? Less than 8 characters long? If you answered yes, you have a weak password. It it is your email password, it will be hacked in the next 12 months and everyone on your email list will get an email with a link taking them to a site that will infect their computers. I wrote a blog post about this topic with links to additional articles. 


Use Your Smart Phone Wisely


Not Tech Savy? then don't pretend to be. Find people in your parish who are and get them on board. Whether it's the teen who wants to show off his mad skills or the IT professional who got into computers because of his love for creativity (and probobly is stuck in a completely non-creative job fixing networks), let those who love technology do the heavy lifting. 



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