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Craig King, the "Theology Geek", is married with  nine fantastic children and lives in Southern Nevada.  


Craig received a BA in Theology from the Franciscan University of Steubenville and a MA in Moral Theology from Holy Apostles College and Seminary. He has spent over 20 yeqars in full time parish ministry and is currently a full time parish Director of Faith Formation. Craig previously spent 9 years in full-time parish youth ministry.





This site is very simply dedicated to directing people to great resources to help them grow closer to Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church.  

Web Site History

Craig started after unexpectedly losing his hosting space for his former site (Booo Embarq!, Boooo!). He decided to use this misfortune to branch out into new areas and completely change the site from the ground up; new hosting service, new domain name, new Web authoring software (and a few new headaches)...


Craig found many other people in the Church that are putting some excellent resources online, and that they are getting better every day. Finding these resources takes work and time and he felt there should be a Web site to act as a portal to these great resources for people who don't want to sift through everything that is out there. This should not simply be a "Catholic Links" list, but should be more appealing to people and more interactive. This resource should also guarantee orthodoxy - so that who use this page can trust that the Theology Geek has done his best to only provide resources that are consistent with the teaching of the Catholic Church. Additionally he wanted to be able to have a place to quickly post information for those who work in a parish setting such as volunteer catechists and RCIA classes. ...Thus was born! (Insert trumpet sounds and a Swiss Guard salute here) has started out relatively simple, and has been added to on a very un-regular basis. Since it's inception, it has had to be restarted from the ground up a second time, when the Web authoring softtware we were using stopped being supported. There is slowly beginning to be the depth that Craig once hoped for, but there is so much more we want to do. As time goes on there will be a great many resources available here for those searching about the Catholic Faith or those who teach it. It is our prayer that this site will be an aid to many in their journey toward loving Christ and the Catholic Church more and more completely.


Pace e Bene

Craig King

T.G.UPDATE: My DSL router fried at home, taking my awesome MIMO wireless router (which my wife gave me for a past Christmas) with it. The same day I received a flyer in the mail for Cox phone and cable Internet for the same price I have been paying to the diabolical villains known as Embarq. I have vanquished the foe! Embarq has been driven from my castle! (Insert evil laughter here) I did have to buy a new router, but the same router is now only half the price of when my wife purchased the first one, so that was not too bad.

In 2014 we moved hosting to Wix which has fantastic software as part of their service. While it meant starting over again, I hope that I will hove a more systematic collection of resources for people. 


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